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Underappreciated Programmes

Overlooked childhood programmes

Forgotten Programmes
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Welcome! Come gather and appreciate those programmes which no one talks about anymore!
Talk about your old favourite programmes, especially childhood ones which have been overlooked and are unappreciated.
Please put large pictures or more than 2 pictures behind lj-cuts!

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80s cartoons, 90s cartoons, alvin and the chipmunks, animals of farthing wood, babar, bananaman, bananas in pyjamas, budgie the little helicopter, count duckula, dangermouse, defenders of the earth, dinosaurs, dogtania, dr_zitbag's_transylvania_pet_shop, ewoks, finders keepers, five children and it, funhouse, funnybones, gargoyles, ghostbusters, grandad, gummi bears, he-man, inch high private eye, incredible games, inspector gadget, just william, kissyfur, knightmare, land of the giants, mighty morphin power rangers, mike and angelo, moondreamers, my little pony, mysterious cities of gold, noah's island, ocean girl, penny crayon, pirates of dark waters, poddington peas, popples, potsworth and co, press gang, prince valiant, puff the magic dragon, queen's nose, raggy dolls, rainbow, rainbow brite, round the twist, scavengers, see how they run, sharky and george, she-ra, ship to shore, skeleton warriors, skippy the bush kangaroo, sliders, the addams family, the adventure game, the biz, the borrowers, the chronicles of narnia, the demon headmaster, the enchanted castle, the family ness, the famous five, the fantastic four, the girl from tomorrow, the incredible games, the kwicky koala show, the lion, the magic school bus, the moomins, the munsters, the raccoons, the railway children, the shoe people, the snorks, the tomorrow people, the ward, through the dragons eye, tomorrows end, transylvanian pet shop, wacky races, william's wish wellingtons, wind in the willows, wizadora, yogi bear, zzzap!