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The Girl From Tomorrow music video

Hi there! I've just finished watching this great Australian TV series and made a music video which may be of interest for those who like the show. So I decided to post it here and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Knightmare Spoof

*pokes community*

Hmmm. Seems rather dead... Oh well...

Here, found this a few years ago and just had to share. It's a spoof episode of the classic kids TV show, 'KNIGHTMARE'.

Galaxy Rangers

67 x GR icons (please credit...)


the rest is @ ruby_montana

Defenders of the Earth

77 x Defenders of the Earth icons

oooh this was my favourite show when I was a kid...^^

the rest HERE @ ruby_montana

new member!

I've just joined this community, I'm Anna from Hungary, 22 years old, and my old-time favorite was "The Girl From Tomorrow" the Aussie serie from the very early 90's. I used to be a fan as a kid and it's a pity I can't get the serie on DVD, though I've seen that it was released in Australia... If I could ever take my hands on it... It's just a dream, but still, I have good memories of being a fan:) Anyone here who used to be a fan, too?
Does anyone remember an Australian TVs how, made probably mid 90s that was set in a children/teenagers sports academy? Opening credits were mainly blue in colour... for some reason it popped into my head whilst sitting in the bath and it's bugging me to know what it is!


Knightmare Live Journal Community

Hi folks, I know there are quite a few other people on here who have an interest in Knightmare, so I've set up this additional community solely dedicated to Knightmare:


Hope you like it and are able to take part, looking forward to the community (as well as this one) prospering!


Living back home with the 'rents has it advantages. Today, whilst looking for fun board games to play, I came across my long forgotten Knightmare board game! :D

Problem is, no one wants to play with me ;_;

Nov. 26th, 2006

I was talking to a work colleague and he mentioned a show called "Chish and Fips" (sp?). Apparently about two garden gnomes who lived outside a fish and chip shop. Means nothing to me... but thought it might be a bell ringer for someone on here :)